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CHRISTMAS COMES December 25 maaa ...............

Posted on December 8, 2013 , by

I would say that having our beloved mobile dolled up for the occasion a few days before is not a bad idea ......

If you appreciate past the store and a lot less of a coffee you will have made ​​a great gift !!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all !!!!!


Screenshot 2013-12-08-17-35-14Screenshot 2013-12-08-17-35-29

Screenshot 2013-12-08-17-36-18Screenshot 2013-12-08-17-36-31

Screenshot 2013-12-08-17-36-47Screenshot 2013-12-08-17-37-40

Screenshot 2013-12-08-17-35-58Screenshot 2013-12-08-17-37-04



Posted on November 30, 2013 , by

It was already my dog, an hour after birth, as I carried her to the vet for an injury: and she was asleep!
It was my dog, when I found hanged in a lattice of the fence, but I arrived on time.
It was my dog, when the first day alone has eaten throughout a camp seemed so quiet!
It was my dog, when he learned to climb on the table to a command, so I could brush it in great comfort.
It was my dog, all the holy work mornings, when he got up and went to take a biscuit: the first of many.
It was my dog, when it was operated for entropion: not a whimper, with a hard collar elisabetta.
It was my dog ​​when he ran to the door at the mere sight of the leash.
It was my dog, even when on summer nights we ate urchins: and came with all the plugs on the muzzle.
It was my dog, when thieves beat her for trying to defend the house.
It was my dog, when he snored so much to shake the walls!
It was my dog, when after a spinning wearing a shirt with rappers do.
It was my dog, when it became white, weary and wise.
It was my dog, when he fought for his life, and he won.
It was my dog, when she arrived late.
He will live in my head, a day, a month, a year. Will live for the duration of my life: only this I can still offer you my FRAU!

24/04/2013 16:29


Look for yourself ...... ..

Posted on November 11, 2013 , by

Ullallà trallallà here's the news ....... the first theme for NEXT LAUNCHER that exploits the mode in 3D .. no ... I say you have understood the magggggica little word ... 3D. look at the screen .... check yourself the depth of the icons .... and all the other innovations that do not mean absolutely anticipate ... ..


10/11/2013 15:4710/11/2013 15:48

10/11/2013 15:4810/11/2013 15:48

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